Simplicity – Granny Style

Given my recent resignation from teaching (in order to homeschool my step-daughter and pursue my tiny business goals), we have suddenly become much poorer.  Saving pennies has become very important in this house.   And what’s one of the easiest ways to save those pennies?  Coupons.  Oh, how I love them!  Going out for the Sunday paper is like heading to the casino knowing you’re going to win.  I’ve made it a ritual….coupons and coffee.  I sit at the dining room table and flip, clip, and giggle my way through every page of those little coupon pamphlets.  And then comes the “dessert” of the ritual…a visit to the Target web site to see what in-store coupons they’ve added for the week.  Then, and only then, I can commence the elaborate proceedings of creating our weekly menu and shopping list based on the coupons I’ve gathered around myself.  I have actually come to enjoy going to the grocery store.  It’s become a game of sorts….how much can I save???  (This week it was $35.00.) 

So, what does this have to do with simplicity, you ask?  The system of it all.  For some reason, I determined early on that the usual coupon organization schemes were just not good enough.  I was going to do it better!  I tried envelopes, notebooks, folders, wallets, etc.  What did I get for my efforts?  Mostly frustrated.  I was leaving coupons at home, lugging mammoth tomes about the grocery store, or kicking myself for some crucial coupon oversight.  Today, I caved.  Yep, I bought one of those old-school accordian-style coupon organizers.  You know, like Grandma used to use.  Turns out Grandma was pretty clever.  It’s almost like people have been using those things for a gazillion years because they actually work or something. 😉

It seems an odd thing, but I’ve actually taken away several lessons from this.  Sometimes “the way it’s been done” actually is the best way.  Don’t fix what isn’t broken.  Stop being so bloomin’ stubborn.  If you’re trying to simplify your life, you should probably avoid overly complicated systems.  Listen to your Grandma….she knows what she’s doing!  I feel vaguely enlightened. 😉