Why I Spent Part of My Day Eating Paper

In an effort to be more environmentally friendly, I’ve recently switched to tree-free paper for homeschool endeavors.  Of course, that darling student of mine wanted to know what this new paper was made from.  The answer to that would be sugar cane and bamboo.  Well, you can probably guess what the next question was.  Given that it has the word sugar in it, it must taste good, right???  Being the oh-so-responsible grown up that I am, I advised against eating the paper.  What of the icky, bleachy chemicals?!?!  But then….

…… I kept pondering the possible tastiness of that paper.  And then…..

…….I couldn’t stand it anymore.  So……

…….I did it.  I ate the paper.  Not a big piece….just a nibble. 😉  I can’t say it was fabulous, but it wasn’t awful either.  Certainly no replacement for dark chocolate.  Then I had to be 100% sure that it wasn’t tastier than regular paper, so I tried a bit of that as well (just to be scientifically accurate, you see).  Conclusions?  Tree-free paper is just a bit tastier than paper made from trees. 

Oh yeah….the tree-free paper also has a pleasant texture (as a writing paper, not a snack) and prevents tree death. 😉

Now let’s all pretend that I’m not actually the crazy paper-eating lady, and that I did this just to give you a super-thorough report on tree-free paper. 😀


Unexpected Happiness

When my stepdaughter’s collection of parents (she has four of us…poor child) came together and decided that homeschool was the way to go for her, I was thrilled.  I have no doubt in my mind that homeschool is the very best choice for her.  I was also thrilled to be the one responsible for her education.  How exciting!  Okay, a little daunting and frightening, but also exciting. 😉 

What I did not expect when we embarked on this adventure (nearly a month ago) was that I would have a blast with it.  I am having so much fun sharing what I have learned, learning what I should already know, learning what I have no reason on this planet to already know, and venturing into the world to do some poking and prodding (sometimes figurative, sometimes literal).  Who knew that I would be all blissed out from homeschool???

I’ve read recently that true happiness comes from gathering experiences rather than things….I’m a total believer.  Even though our income has decreased substantially since I left my job, my day-to-day happiness has substantially increased.  Given that I’m happier, my stepdaughter’s happier, and she’s actually doing well in school, I’d say this homeschool decision is totally for the win.  By the by, if you’re interested in reading more about our homeschool experiences, you can check out our homeschool blog at www.homeschoolhijinks.wordpress.com.

I find that playing with clay, food coloring, and bowls of water is much more satisfying than my last job. 😉