Embrace Yourself (Not in a Pervy Sort of Way)

Well, if you want to embrace yourself in a pervy sort of way, that’s up to you, but that’s not what this post is about.  Earlier today I was pondering a noticeable shift in decor in our home and what brought the change about.  For way, way too many years I attempted to “decorate” our home like a “grown up” would.  You know, everything matching and sporting the neutral tones.  I did stop short of the knickknacks.  I am, apparently, innately opposed to clutter.  I wanted it to look “nice” because that’s how adults are supposed to do things, right? 

In the past few months, I’ve noticed a pleasant trend within my home….my husband and I both seem to be taking a poop-on-being-a-grown-up attitude.  No, we haven’t taken to smoking weed and neglecting to pay the electricity bill, but we do seem to be rejecting society more and more these days….and I’m loving it.  I find that day-to-day life is much more pleasant when I look around my home and see things that I love, not necessarily things that fit the color scheme.  Life also becomes a lot simpler when you’re not focused on how things “should” be if the Better Homes & Gardens crew were to make a surprise visit.

So, what’s the point?  When you’re making your home yours, follow your own rules.  I wish I had accepted this a long time ago.  I could have avoided a lot of beige furniture and unused (yet coordinated!) throw pillows.

A painting that makes me happy every time I see it on the wall. His name is Walter. 😉

Every grown up should have a calendar, right? 😀