The Veggie Slacker Attacks Again

Since I am slack, I am always looking for ways to be a vegetarian without actually having to do much work. 😉  I am very good at thawing things, microwaving things, and pulling things out of wrappers!  *ponders listing skills on future resume*  In light of that, I am continuing my efforts to give no-brainer suggestions for super-slack vegetarian options that don’t fall too squarely in the land of junk-food-vegetarianism. 

This week’s suggestion:  Make a sandwich!  They’re delicious and easy.  Throw some stuff on whole grain bread, put a bowl of tomato soup next to it, and you have a dinner that’s not too awful for you or your vegetarian pursuits.  I love sandwiches!  (You will be seeing more here in the future.)

Grilled cheese and tomato soup...yum! A super-easy vegetarian option. 🙂


Vegetarian – Slacker Style

In a continued effort to support the lazy vegetarians of the world, I bring you another so-simple-you-can’t-fail-no-matter-how-sorry-you-are veggie dinner option.  Next time you’re in the grocery store, go to the frozen food section and pick up one of these:

Tasty veggie fare….with very little work!

Of course, there is quite a variety of veggie options to choose from…you’re not limited to pasta primavera.  I’m a store brand kind of girl, so our budget stays satisfied too.  (Some of the name brand meals of this type can be a bit pricey.) 

Once you get that sucker home, it’s just a matter of preheating the oven, popping the meal in (after you remove it from the box, of course), and patiently waiting. 
This has been your weekly reminder that you can be a lazy bum (like me!) without sacrificing your dedication to avoiding meat. 😉

The Easy Vegetarian (No, not that kind of easy!)

I’ve been doing quite a bit of research recently on vegetarian living…vegetarian cooking in particular.  In a quest to not make meals of mashed potatoes and macaroni and cheese, I’ve been scouring the internet for vegetarian dinner options.  (To further complicate matters, I detest beans.)  Here are some facts I have found:

  • Vegetarian recipes frequently call for ingredients I have never, ever heard of and have no idea where to purchase.
  • Vegetarian recipes frequently call for 953 different ingredients in one dish.  Who has the money for that?!?!
  • Vegetarian recipes frequently call for long periods of uninterrupted time devoted solely to lovingly cajoling veggies into submission.

In light of these facts, I’ve decided to add a bit to the blog about “the easy way out” vegetarianism.  Never fear, I’ll still post an actual recipe (be it success or failure) once a week, but I’ll also be bringing you some vegetarian slacker tips.  If ever I were qualified to give advice about anything, “being slack” would definitely be the topic. 😉

My first suggestion?  Visit the frozen food aisle of the grocery store and pick up some pre-made veggie burgers.  (They’re actually quite tasty and most grocery stores carry them….also quick and easy to prepare.)  Pick up some burger buns, cheese, and a tomato (or whatever you like on your burgers, of course), and you have a meal.  Revolutionary?  Nope.  I realize that seasoned vegetarians won’t find this earth shattering, but I’m trying to share some easy options for the newbies…like me. 😉