Be Nice! Progress and Frustrations

This concludes my third week of knitting 5 hours per week for charity.  I’m currently knitting for projects listed on the Tropical Yarns site.  I’ve had a touch of knitting ADD this week, so I’m working on multiple projects at the moment…a super-soft baby hat and a cuddly scarf for a big kid.  I also finished a baby hat in crazy-bright pink.

In addition to making some great progress in knitting, I’ve also experienced some big frustrations with this project.  I’ll explain the situation….then I’d love to hear what you would do in the same situation.  I’ve created a hat and socks for soldiers for one of the organizations listed in Knitting for Peace.  Instead of listing a mailing address on the site, the organization asks that knitters contact them for the mailing address.  I’ve tried to contact them multiple times now, and haven’t heard a word back from them!  The web site indicates that I should start a yahoo account in order to follow their group, but I would really rather not add an account that I don’t want or need.  I’ve emailed two different addresses that I found on the site and haven’t heard back.  I’m thinking they must not actually be very interested in receiving items, and I should probably send these items to a group that’s a little more together.  Thoughts?  Ideas? 

In the next week, I should be finishing up the second baby hat and the scarf and moving on to Afghans for Afghans. 😀


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