Fluffy Bunny Friendly Product Review – Toothpaste

Yes, toothpaste.  It’s not glamorous or exciting….it doesn’t make you think of a relaxing bath or cuddly, soft skin, but it sure is important.  And, of course, I think it’s important to go cruelty-free with my toothpaste.  There are actually several options for brushing teeth without mistreating bunnies, but today the focus is on:

Toothpaste by Tom‘s of Maine

How does it smell?  Well, like toothpaste.  Minty would probably be the best word. 😉

Environmental factors?  Tom’s is an awesome company that uses cruelty-free ingredients and provides full disclosure of ingredients.  Employees use part of their work hours for volunteer work and Tom’s contributes to charities all about the place.  As far as their toothpaste goes….well, I think they could be more environmentally responsible.  Do we really need a sealed tube inside a box?  Does that box serve any purpose other than making the product fit nicely on the shelves?  Though the box is recyclable, it would be nice to avoid the waste.  Another problem?  After thoroughly analyzing the box and tube, I’m still not sure what the tube is made of or if it can be recycled.  I’m not saying the info isn’t there….if it is, it certainly isn’t obvious.

Does it work?  It does.  It seems to be just the right amount of “toothpaste-y” freshness without the fear (have you looked at the ingredient list of some other brands???).  Clean, fresh breath for hours ahead when you use this.  Tom’s offers up quite a few varieties too….there are fluoride and no-fluoride options, whitening options, sensitive teeth options and so on.

Does it cost a million dollars?  A tube will cost between 4 and 5 dollars at most stores.  Not the super-cheapest toothpaste ever, but I certainly don’t feel like I’m just flinging my money all about the store with the wild extravagance of it all.

Overall rating? This toothpaste makes four of the five bunnies happy.  The “extra” packaging, the recycling questions (particularly when they switched from metal to plastic), and the slightly higher price keep that last bunny from joining in the party.  The other four bunnies are celebrating the lack of animal testing, the good services of Tom’s of Maine, and the minty freshness of this toothpaste.


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