Be Nice! (Hours 6 through 10)

This week’s knitting-for-peace project brought a lot of satisfaction….because I finished a project.   (Any knitter can tell you that there’s an unparalleled joy that comes from weaving in that last little bit of yarn on a piece….then you get to hold it up and marvel at your new creation! 🙂 )  These socks, along with the red hat I made last week, will be packed up and mailed to The Ships Project in the very near future. 

Made for extra-large feet…big soldiers need slipper socks too. 😉
As soon as I finished the socks, I started looking ahead in Knitting for Peace for the next organization listed.  Unfortunately, the next on the list seems to have disappeared from the internet.  I figured I would move to the next on the list and continue checking into the mystery of the vanishing charity.  So, that lands us at Elegant Stitches, a yarn shop in Miami that also provides tons of knitted items to a variety of charities.  The website has free knitting patterns for some of the items needed for charity and a list of current projects and needs….I’ve picked a baby hat and a scarf to complete for Elegant Stitches.  I love that they reach out to several groups around the world with their hand-knit donations.  Today, I buy yarn!  (Which just happens to be one of my very most favorite activities in all of the universe!)

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