Fluffy Bunny Friendly Product Review – Hand Soap

My lack of time management skills is stunning.  And that is why I bring you, today, what was supposed to be Thursday’s post.  Never fear, I do eventually get used to a schedule. 😉  This week’s second fluffy bunny friendly product is a lovely, and easy to find, hand soap.

hand wash by method

How does it smell?  Great!  I love all the scents we have tried.  The family favorite is “waterfall.”  The scents are happy, but not overpowering.  My husband doesn’t have to worry about “smelling like a girl” after he washes his hands. 😉

Environmental factors?  This hand soap is naturally derived and biodegradable.  The container is easily recycled (though I’m not sure about the pumpy bit).  As always, there is no animal testing involved with this product.

Does it work?  Yes!  Hands feel nice and clean after using this soap.  My hands don’t feel like they’ve had every bit of moisture sucked from them or like a layer of lotion has been left behind.  It’s the Goldilocks Zone of soap. 😀

Does it cost a million dollars?  Not at all.  A 12 ounce bottle is $3.99.  The bottles last for quite a while.  We keep one in the kitchen and one in the bathroom….they only have to be replaced every 2 or 3 months.

Overall rating?  This is another 5 out of 5 bunnies product.  It smells lovely, does what it’s supposed to do, and leaves the bunnies out of it.  This soap is also easy to find.  It is sold in many mainstream stores for a reasonable price.


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