Be Nice! The First Five Hours

So, last week I decided to commit five hours per week to knitting for charity.  I am going to work my way through the book, Knitting for Peace, one charity organization at a time.  The first organization I am knitting for is The Ships Project….I’ve decided to make a hat and slipper socks (using patterns suggested on the project’s website) for a soldier/sailor with a chilly brain case and frosty foot digits. 

Odd that five hours sounds like long enough to get quite a lot of knitting done, but short enough to be easy-peesey to fit into the schedule.  Wrong on both counts!  I was able to finish the hat, but only got this far into slipper sock number one:

Never fear….I’ll make two. 😉

Not only did I not get as much accomplished as hoped, I also had a surprisingly difficult time fitting in five hours for knitting….mostly due to procrastination and epic goofing off.  My goal for now to next Wednesday?  Of course, another five hours of knitting….more specifically, I’d like to finish this pair of slipper socks and begin working on another pair of socks for a different organization.  Check back next week to see how I do. 😉

Not a color I would normally choose, but The Ships Project's site said to go for bright.


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